Chocolate heaven?

Summer or winter this is the place for chocolate lovers. In the summer, squeeze into this tiny shop to try one of the wonderful chocolate based ice creams and in winter, a hot shot of liquid chocolate. Vestri cocoa is produced on the family farm in Santo Domingo without the use of pesticides and chemicals, and then refined in Arezzo at the family workshop.

After every stage has been carefully overseen by the Vestri family, the finished product is brought to us in Florence. Beautiful handmade chocolates lined up in the glass counter with military prescision make wonderful gifts, or for something a little unusual, try Cioccolata del Granduca, a jasmine flavoured chocolate invented for the Grand Dukes of Tuscany.

Vestri ice creams are made here in the shop from the freshest seasonal produce, with absolutely no artificial additives. Try ice cream made with hazelnuts, pistacchios or coffee beans that have been roasted in the cocoa bean roasting drums. Or taste the 'original' gelato crema fiorentina, invented by Buontalenti for the Medici family. In summer look for soft fruit ice creams and in autumn the unusual flavours of fig, persimmon or chestnut. Chocolate is of course available all year round!