Trattoria Mario



The place to take a good appetite after visiting the central food market.

Since 1953 this trattoria has been serving no-nonsense traditional home cooking, to which the line outside is testimony. Put your head round the door and tell one of the spirited waiters how many places you need and he will seat you as and when he can amongst the other diners. From most of the shared tables you can see into the frenetic narrow kitchen through the glass partition but your attention will soon be drawn back by the constant delivery of wine and food, the arrival and departure of other diners and the excited chatter coming from all around.                                                     

The menu is short, simple and rigorously Tuscan; fresh pasta to start and meat to follow. This is a great place to try the real Chianina Florentine beefsteak, bistecca fiorentina. Cut from the side of beef to order, weighed, brought to your table for approval and grilled according to the rules of tradition, it is house policy never to cook it other than rare. If you should still have an appetite, almond biscuits are to hand with a glass of vin santo for dipping them.