Pharmacy Santa Maria Novella



One of the world's oldest pharmacies, the Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, still produces its historically luxurious creams and perfumes from secret recipes.

The Dominican monks of the church of Santa Maria Novella have been concocting their remedies with herbs and oils here since the 13th century and the Officina, founded in 1612, still produces its famous perfumes, soaps, candles, essences, liqueurs and cosmetics using the ancient formulas, held secret for centuries.

Traditional herbs and oils (with a particular focus on those grown on local Florentine soil) are still used to create the famous creams and scents.

Some of the many luxurious products to look out for: The acqua della Regina, a perfume created for Catherine de Medici; Tuscan potpourri, macerated in Impruneta terracotta jars; almond paste hand cream; hand carved milk-based or olive oil soaps; the seductive collection of after-shave lotions for men and the famous acqua di rose, rose water.