Osteria I'Brincello



A simple family run trattoria close to the central market.

Busy with Florentines and visitors alike, this simple family run trattoria is known for the quality of its food and the fair pricing. Presumably the quality and notable freshness of the ingredients has something to do with being so close the celebrated central food market! There is a rustic feel to the décor and lively chatter makes for a cheerful ambiance.

Exceptional home made fresh vegetable soup could be followed with a deliciously tender and perfectly cooked pork chop to make a simple inexpensive meal. If you are in the mood for pasta, look out for the wild boar sauce with pappardelle. For something more celebratory, but without breaking the bank, start with the antipasto of award winning cured meats (see the trophy at the cash register) and share a classic Florentine steak with fresh salad. Service is unpretentious and straight forward, and the ambiance relaxed and easy. If you are looking for sophisticated and formal, save I'Brincello for another day!