Mrs Macis



A playful and colourful atmosphere in this one of a kind clothing boutique.

Designer Carla Macis (pronounced ma-chis), creates unusual clothing using modern and vintage textiles from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Each piece is one of a kind, sewn according to the quantity of material available, often scraps fished out by Carla in her travels around the country. Here you will find feminine and flatteringly cut clothes and lots and lots of colour. Her experience working with Maison Emiliano Pucci no doubt contributed to this taste for colourful, printed fabrics.

Along with the collection, you will find Carla's handmade accessories to complement that patterned bat wing top you have your eye on, and Mrs Macis can even make an exact miniature outfit for little girls who want the same dress as their stylish mammas. Unique and quirky, ironic and tasteful.