Moltissimo Bijoux



Fun and flirty designs and statement jewellery inspired by old time glamour.

Tucked away in a side street near the Teatro Verdi is the bright and fabulous atelier of Moltissimo Bijoux. Creative designs influenced by old time glamour and pop art are executed with equal parts of flair and a sense of humour by the young and handsome Federico and his mother in the studio you can see behind the counter.

Available in countless colours and forms, look out for things such as the shoulder-sweeping arabesque earrings in fake tortoise shell, round and chunky bracelets, plexi lace flower-shaped earrings, bright button studs or rhinestone earrings. The big and colourful jewellery is made from laser-cut resin or molded plastics and often embellished with a Swarovski crystal or fake pearls. With a touch of vintage and amusement, dressing up should always be this fun.