Le Mossacce



Home cooking at the right price near the cathedral.

This is firmly on the beaten track but missed by so many. The entrance is hardly more than a doorway and at busy times there will be a line of locals to reassure you that the food is worth waiting for!

This is one of those places where you will find more Florentines than tourists, especially at lunchtime when it is a favourite for those who work nearby. In this bustling, one room trattoria expect to share a table and if you understand Italian, choose from the menu as it is recited by the waiter (there is also a written translated menu if you prefer it). Start with one of the classic pasta dishes and then taste the notable and typical arista, succulent and tender roast pork for a main course.

There are no pretentions here, the food is good, honest Florentine fare. The portions are reasonable, the service good natured, fast and efficient. House wine is left on the table for you to serve yourself, but you are not expected to sit long sipping wine after you have finished eating! In busy periods, particularly at lunchtime, you are expected to vacate your table as soon as the waiter presents your conto.