Fusion bar



Elegance and style at the Ponte Vecchio.

What it lacks in the way of a view, the terrace of this Ferragamo family hotel makes up for in sheer elegance. Umbrellas and sofas in white with dark hardwood decking bring understated sophistication to an otherwise plain piazza hidden from the crowds at the Ponte Vecchio. Minimal décor with maximum impact continues inside with huge standard lamps, wooden blinds, and soft tones. Stools provide ring side seats to observe the art of bar tending and a neat row of tables lines the wall for those who prefer an intimate cocktail.

Interesting tasty morsels served with cocktails are inspired by the fusion cooking of the restaurant menu; help yourself from the bar during the early evening or trays will be served to you at your table. If the bar is busy and it is too warm outside, try the airy space of the library to relax into one of the cool white sofas.

Exhibitions of photography and contemporary art are held here throughout the year and can be admired in the bar and the library as well as the hotel lobby.

During the summer months, cross the piazza from the Fusion Bar to the sister hotel Continentale and take the elevator to the top floor to enjoy a cocktail with a breathtaking view of the city from the medieval tower around which the hotel is built. After dinner drinks are candle lit for the most romantic of settings.