An ideal place to stop for a quick lunch near the Uffizi.

As you walk in you will be met with the delightful aromas of traditional Tuscan food and a genuine smile. A glass counter in front of you is full of freshly prepared food and when one of the owners enthusiastically describes what is available, you know you are going to enjoy the experience.

Lovingly prepared traditional Tuscan stews are loaded into fresh baked crusty bread rolls which have been hollowed out to form a bowl. You might try a slow cooked beef stew spiced with whole black pepper corns or chicken livers in rich gravy. Or perhaps beef in a tomato sauce. Can't decide? Try two small bread bowls with different fillings. And if this is sounding too substantial for lunch, there are salads in summer and plates of prosciutto, salamis and cheese. In winter there is porchetta, a boned, stuffed, roasted pig cut in thick slices and served in a bread roll.

To accompany your lunch Chianti wine is available to help yourself by the glass, or to keep a clear head for more sightseeing, try one of the freshly pressed fruit juices. If you are eating in, there are stools at the front to watch the world go by, and some tables to share on the upper level.