Alla Vecchia Bettola



Thoroughly Tuscan fare, located just outside of the city walls.

Since 1979 “Alla Vecchia Bettola” has worked to preserve and continue the traditional Florentine cuisine. The cozy trattoria originates in a time when the cuisine of Florence was being neglected in favor of a cuisine that tended more and more towards an Italian “standard” cuisine and international appeals. Husband and wife, Loriano and Carla, aimed to bring that focus back towards the old Tuscan flavors.

The trattoria is still run by the family. One of Loriano and Carla's sons, Massimo currently runs the operation with his other brother owning their other venture, Da Nerbone in the Mercato Centrale.

At Vecchia Bettola you can expect simplicity done well. From the tables and stools to the peasant style dishes of old, they do it well and are popular with locals and visitors alike for good reason.