Alice's Mask Studio



Original handmade papier-mache masks by this father and daughter team.

A true artist's bottega should be just like this one: inspiring, surprising and full of beautiful things made by someone covered in paint and glue. Alice of the name of the workshop is actually the daughter of the maestro of this mask-making atelier, Agostino Dessì, who has been making masks in Florence since 1973 for theatre, opera, films, festivals, and exhibitions.

Originally trained as a sculptor, Agostino together with his daughter run mask-making courses the last week of every month, open to anyone with a passion and curiosity for this fascinating art. Even if you don't have somewhere to wear one of these incredible masks to, they would make whimsical and stunning conversation pieces to decorate your home. A visit to this bottega is a must for the artfully inclined.


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Normally you need to go to Venice to see such beautiful masks but in this shop you have some masterpieces which you cannot find elsewhere. I bought two masks from the maker herself, they are so detailed. So if you don't have time to go to Venice and want to pick up a special present for your someone you should definitely go there!

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Alice is excellent in what she does. I took a class with her in a larger group and she did well with assisting us all and answering questions. Great experience with Alice!!

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