Alessandro Dari



Masterful and totally unique creations somewhere between jewellery, micro-sculptures and art pieces.

Alessandro Dari is not your regular goldsmith. He is also a musician, a poet, an artist, an eccentric, creative soul. His amazing creations are one of a kind pieces, often displayed as sculptural installations in his studio, where he can often be found discussing alchemy or strumming his classical guitar.

His collections are based on themes of his interests and passions such as music, time, alchemy, sacred art, the ancient Etruscans. One of his most elegant is the “Church” collection, a series of rings based on the gothic and romantic designs of cupolas and facades, studded with sapphires, diamonds, onyx or rubies.

Exquisite, organic, fantastical and fictional, his designs are impossibly original. His workshop is as much a stunning gallery as it is a traditional workshop.