Chianti Wine and Food Safari


A unique day trip from Florence, we will eat and drink our way through Chianti, renowned not only for its wonderful red wines, fresh local produce and traditional cuisine, but also for some of the best landscapes in the country. We will enjoy wine tasting and wonderful food stops along the way. This tour is a must for wine connoisseurs and novices alike and make sure to bring a good appetite with you!


  • Transport in a customized 4WD vehicle for a fun drive through scenic, unmarked back roads
  • Full-day Chianti wine tour, including a delicious Tuscan lunch & several food tastings
  • Visit the famous Chianti Classico wine region with an expert guide
  • Tour two wine estates and visit the enchanting garden of an historic villa
  • Discuss food and wine during lunch (included) at a traditional Tuscan restaurant offering breathtaking panoramic views
  • Free-time in one of Tuscany's most picturesque towns

What you can expect

With your expert guide, enjoy a comprehensive introduction to the region and its wines while touring two of the region's best wine estates. As you sample the winery’s signature wines, you’ll receive tips about the art of wine tasting and pairing wine with food.

Our first stop of the day is at a beautiful winery belonging to one of the most prestigious Italian aristocratic families. Here we taste three wines paired with cheese and two olive oils but first, there’s a fascinating guided tour of the historic wine cellars and to the olive mill through underground tunnels that pass under the villa.

Now buckle-up and get ready for some off-roading through ancient woodland and rolling hills, outlined with cypress trees and dotted with rustic farms and churches, to make our way to a typical Tuscan restaurant with stunning views. Here is where we will really get your taste buds tingling with delicious food and wine. You will not want to leave!

Next we will stop in Greve, a picturesque town in Chianti where you can enjoy a little free time to wind down and get a coffee, shop or just soak in the unique Italian culture of this idyllic place. Here you will also buy a selection of typical Salumi (cured meats) from one of Italy’s most famous butchers which you will enjoy later at the second winery.

Finally we go deeper into the Chianti hills and enjoy more incredible countryside on our way to a Chianti Classico vineyard. As a contrast to the established winery of the morning, this one is smaller and less known though does have two award winning wines which you will taste as you find out how ancient tradition and innovation have been combined to create them. As the last stop you will relax and enjoy the special light at this time of day, adding to the unforgettable memories you will have created so far. The perfect way to end the perfect day!


  • Adult 150
  • Youth 145
  • Group fares get an extra 5 off per person if you are in a group of six or more adults/youths

What includes

  • Transport by 4WD customized, air-conditioned vehicle
  • Expert tour leader with you all day
  • Taste 9 different wines
  • Extra virgin olive oil tasting
  • Sheep cheeses and Salumi (cured meats) tasting
  • Traditional Tuscan lunch

Things to note

  • We regret that vegetarian or other alternative dietary requirements cannot be catered for

Our Reviews on

Andrew S
I was really blown away by this tour and I had high expectations after reading all the other reviews. Martina was an amazing guide and her local perspective and personality really made the tour something special. The tour was extremely well run and felt "off the beaten path" such a delightful way to experience Tuscany.
Review date: 18 march 2019
Fantastic tour. Highly recommended. Gloria was our guide. Couldn’t have asked for a better one. Beautiful, knowledgeable, & extremely helpful. Even got our taxi after. Also, big thanks to Jean Carlos for keeping us safe on some crazy roads!
Review date: 18 march 2019
This tour was one of the biggest highlights of our trip to Italy. Our guide, Martine, was super helpful, informative, friendly and outgoing. She made us feel really comfortable and is obviously very knowledgeable about the wines of the region. It was a small tour (10 people) which made it feel really intimate, especially after a few glasses of wine, everyone was really friendly. I would 1000000% recommend this tour, particularly with walkabout Florence, to anyone looking to spend a day outside the city eating and drinking amazing food and wine.
Review date: 16 march 2019
This tour was one of the best days of our 9 days in Italy. Martina was an exceptional guide! We learned so much! We saw so much! It was the perfect amount of a little bit of everything, that we could have never done on our own. Highly recommend!!!
Review date: 15 march 2019
Martina did a fabulous job of showing us around the Tuscan countryside. We had amazing food and wine. There were beautiful views and we went to Greve which a cute little town. I wish it would have been longer.
Review date: 16 february 2019
Our guide, Maria Belen, was a joy to be with on this full day excursion. She was was fun, informative, but not overly so as to be obnoxious. She has a good feel of when to talk, and when to let you relax and enjoy the countryside. Our first stop was Siena, and we were fortunate enough to be there on the day of the Palio, a race between representatives from 10 of the city's 17 districts. To accommodate the race, dirt is brought into the main plaza to transform it into a racetrack. It is a day of celebration and pride to the townspeople, and we were blessed to be able to watch as the preparations were made for the race later that day. Also, the Duomo in Siena is one of the most beautifully impressive structures you will ever see anywhere in the world. Our next stop was for lunch at a vineyard, where we served a wonderful meal of salad, antipasto, a bolognese pasta dish, and a dessert biscotti. A different wine accompanied every course, so yes, after four glasses of wine, let's just say we were able to witness a lot more personality amongst our fellow travelers at our next stop, the medieval city of San Gimignano. San Gimignano is a hilltop city with 14 towers remaining from a peak of 72 towers that existed in the city in the 14th century. Good shopping and wonderful views of the surrounding countryside are found throughout the city, as well as the supposed best gelatario in all of Italy. We did enjoy the gelato, but not necessarily more than the other half dozen or so gelatos we enjoyed during our time in Italy. Finally, we were off to Pisa and the leaning tower. It was a long day and we were starting to get tired, but still were able to enjoy the sites, mainly due to the fact that the bus rides between sites gave you a chance to rest between the walking. Back to our guide, Maria. The ride back to Florence was about an hour and a half long, and she spent the entire time visiting individually with each and every person on the tour, answering questions, giving dinner suggestions for the evening, etc. That was impressive, considering the long day she had just endured.
Review date: 26 january 2019
We joined two tours organized by the Walkabout Florence and both were great experiences. The Chianti Wine and Food Safari tour was truly enjoyable. Our guide is a sommelier, and she knows both wine and olive oil well. The lunch was local and tasty. We tasted a good collection of wines of a different variety. We felt very relaxed during the tour and the scenery was simply gorgeous. I have to say this tour is better than some of the private tours that I have taken. The tour was of a good size and we had fun with other guests.
Review date: 25 january 2019
We decided at random to go on this tour as we had not had a chance to see much of the Italian countryside. I read the reviews and decided it was worth booking! We are so thrilled that we did! This was one of the highlights on our trip and well worth the price! Our tour guide was Alessandro and he made it very entertaining! The knowledge that he provided was detailed and informative. We are planning a trip back to Italy eventually and when we do will be using Walk About Tours again as they have a variety of tours to choose from. It was a breath taking adventure with all the beautiful Italian countryside in the background to enjoy! Mrs. K
Review date: 21 january 2019
Allison S
Our tour guide, Martina, was so personable and knowledgeable that I can't imagine us having taken a better tour. We visited three small, exclusive wineries, which made the experience very personal. I loved the small tours through different wineries and getting to see their different processes, and of course, loved tasting all the wines. We had food at every stop we made as well, which made for a well-balanced day. It is a full day tour, so you'll be busy from about 8:30 AM until 7 PM, but for us it was a great use of the day!
Review date: 17 december 2018
Our trip was on a Saturday in early December and we had 6 people total in our group including myself and my husband. It was the perfect size group and we had wonderful weather. (Whoever tells you winter isn't the time to visit Tuscany is wrong... it was beautiful) Our guide, Gloria, is an expert at all things wine and olive oil! It was wonderful chatting with her and learning from her. We now have the knowledge to guide us on purchasing good quality Chianti wine and olive oil in the states. Gloria kept the tour structured but laid back, so we had plenty of time in each stop to explore, taste the wine and food, and take photos but we never stayed in one place too long.. The lunch we had was magnificent... probably the best food we had in Italy and in a breathtaking location. When we booked the tour, I was a little hesitant on the start time as 9am seemed early, but the drive to the wineries takes some time. Our driver, Franco, took the right roads so that we got a lot of great views during the entire drive. The rest of the time was well spent and worth every penny. I would do the tour again in a heartbeat. Thank you for giving us a wonderful day, Gloria & Franco!
Review date: 16 december 2018