Pizza and Gelato Cooking Class at a Farmhouse in Tuscany


Learn to make these Italian classics in an idyllic setting in the beautiful Tuscan countryside.

Under the guidance of a professional Italian chef you will be taken on a cultural journey learning the skills and inside tricks of making the best mouth watering pizza and gelato right in the country where they were born.

The beautiful estate that offers stunning views over the surrounding hills just outside the centre of Florence provides the perfect setting to roll up your sleeves and get hands on when learning the process from making and kneading the dough to choosing the perfect topping for your pizza. Where possible the ingredients are picked from our very own vegetable garden.

You will be able to relax and enjoy the delicious pizza cooked in our wood oven with a glass of Chianti wine or a cold beer before you get started on the gelato making. By the end of the class you will feel confident enough to re-produce the food at home impressing your lucky guests!

Being both a fun but instructive class this hands on pizza and gelato making class will be one of the most memorable parts of your trip to Tuscany.


  • Small-group pizza and gelato making class at a breathtaking farmhouse set in the rolling hills of Tuscany!
  • Learn the insider tips and special techniques from our professional chef
  • Hands on experience: learn to make Pizza and home-made Gelato
  • Enjoy the food accompanied by wine and beer

What you can expect

After meeting the professional chef in our centrally located office you will be transported directly to our beautiful private estate in the hills just above Florence where you will start to live the full Italian experience.

On arrival you will be able to appreciate the stunning views over gorgeous countryside as you taste the traditional 'fettunta' and enjoy a glass of Chianti wine whilst listening to the culture behind Italy's most famous food, pizza and gelato.

By this time you will be eager to get hands on. The professional chef will teach you the art of dough making and kneading and will give you all the inside tips in order to easily produce the same result back home where you'll be able to impress your friends and family. You'll learn about the different ways to make pizza depending on the region.

Next it will be time to get creative as you use the ingredients picked from our very own vegetable garden and choose from the many traditional toppings the Italians love. The pizza will be cooked in our wood oven to give it the traditional flavor that will make you feel proud as you sit down and enjoy your pizza with more wine or beer.

The fun continues as you then learn the special techniques to make your very own gelato. You will make creamy gelato with unique toppings/sauces and though you may always want to reproduce these same toppings the chef will make sure you have an adequate understanding in order to be able to experiment at home!

You will leave feeling satisfied, excited and with wonderful memories that you will be able to take home with you!


  • Adult 70 each person
  • Youth 65 each person
  • Child 30 each child

What includes

  • Transportation from Florence to the farmhouse and back
  • Pizza and gelato making lesson led by a professional chef
  • The food with wine and beer
  • Recipes
  • Special tips and techniques

Things to note

  • Due to uneven and steep surfaces, we are unable to accept anyone with walking difficulties or wheelchair users
  • Gluten free requirements cannot be catered for

Our Reviews on

Full disclosure- we packed way too much into a short spring break trip, from Rome to Pompeii to Florence we saw and did and walked and saw some more... We booked this at the request of the 18 year old and we are SO GLAD we did. It was the perfect break from more museums, more ruins, more churches. We laughed with Luca, thought Lavinia was adorable and very much enjoyed Flaco the Russian Bear Dog. We were greeted with wine, we made pizza, we learned about gelato- we couldn't have had a more fun evening. They have such a nice set-up- a huge kitchen classroom, an outdoor demonstration area and a dining room with views over the whole valley. A few things that would improve the guest experience- be upfront about the steep stairs, uneven driveway and hike back to the road. Saying not wheel chair accessible is one thing- warning it is a bit of trek back to the bus is another. I think they do mention it- after you book- on another page. In addition, the walk back in the rain is miserable- offer umbrellas to guests and have some lighting- it was very, very dark on uneven ground. So with those little things in mind- I would give this activity a 9.8 out of 10.
Review date: 27 april 2019
I absolutely recommend this to everyone. Amazing people, amazing food, learned a lot, and had a lot of laughs. I’m so happy I did this. One of the best experiences in my life!
Review date: 26 april 2019
This was one of the most fun (and delicious) things we did as a family during our trip to Italy! An easy and quick bus ride took us from Florence to the most beautiful farmhouse where we learned to make delicious gelato (with regular freezing technique and 'nitrogen' gelato) and pizza (learning to make dough as well as creating a our own pizza pies) for dinner. Chefs Max and Luca made the experience so fun and amazing. They were knowledgable, helpful and hilarious! I am looking forward to seeing Luca's "tv show" - but in the meantime, I'll follow along with his adventures on Instagram. This is a must do for a couple or family if you are visiting Florence!
Review date: 25 april 2019
Luca/Lavinia/Ludavico -Amazing Fun and entertaining group, very engaging while you’re working on your masterpiece. They made me feel really comfortable in a quality work environment. -Quality/Knowledgeable A lot of good information to take home, easy recipes that actually entail some of the most important aspect of cooking, proportions, learned a lot of things to look out for while in Italy as well! -Gelato pairings <3 Basil and mint crushed frozen by liquid nitrogen into a homemade strawberry gelato was one of my favorites. From salt all the way to balsamic vinegar Lavinia knew a lot when it came to her gelato profession. -Best Italian pizza so far May be biased due to it being my own creation, but when trying to avoid the obvious tourist traps and scared to venture out to the less known parts of Italy. Fresh quality ingredients and experience can be found here and eaten with professionals. I would definitely recommend to those who are first time travelers to really set the bar high for their Italian experience.
Review date: 25 april 2019
This is hands down one of the best experiences of our trip. The 3 L's were a pleasure to interact with. They were funny (especially Luca), personable and very helpful thruout the whole experience. The group also worked well together as well. We had such a great time we would gladly do it again on our next visit. I was also glad that I booked the Best Of Tuacany Tour thru Walkabout as well, that was equally enjoyable.
Review date: 23 april 2019
If you go Florence you have to take this tour it is so awesome! Luca sand Chris are fantastic and will keep you smiling the whole time. First they teach you how to make Gelato and then while it is cooling you make your own pizzas and they are the best in Italy. We even got to make a video with Luca tossing our pizzas (he called us Russell Crowe and kim bassinger!) Afterwards you get to sample all the Gelatos! Thanks you Luca and Chris we cannot wait to return!
Review date: 23 april 2019
Most amazing cooking class and the pizza was delicious. Very fun experience with a large group for us, cooking our own pizza and gelato even tossing our own dough. Easy trip outside of Florence to a beautiful property in the Tuscan hills. Luigi, Lodovik and Angela were gracious and fun hosts, we highly recommend this 5 star tour!
Review date: 23 april 2019
Amazing experience a real must do whilst in florence. Luca and all the team were so much fun and we couldn’t have asked for more! Great to do an activity with a group and the food was just amazing after learning from the best. Couldn’t recommend enough!
Review date: 22 april 2019
Casey W
Luca and Lavinia were so fun, professional, and approachable. I had the best time! The food was also incredible, and easy to follow directions made it a seamless experience.
Review date: 22 april 2019
We had an incredible experience learning and making pizza and gelato in a beautiful setting. Luca, Lavinia and Luigi were so informative and entertaining, they had us with a smile the entire late afternoon/night. Pizza and Gelatto were so good, great experience to do with your entire family, everyone, kids, teens, parents and grandparents loved the activity.
Review date: 21 april 2019