Shuttle to Florence Airport

Is there a shuttle bus to Florence's airport? I have an early flight so need to calculate my timing in getting there and am tossing up between a cab or the bus depending on timing.

There is a local bus “Volainbus” that is run by the SITA bus company next to the Santa Maria Novella train station. It goes to and from the station every half hour from 5:30am to 11pm. The ride is about 25 minutes direct from the station to the arrivals at the airport.

The first bus to depart Florence's centre leaves at 5:30am (6am on Sundays and holidays) and the last is at 11pm. The first bus to depart the airport is at 6am and the last is at 11:30pm. If you're catching that first early bus from Florence or the nighttime ones between 9pm-11pm, it departs from the corner of Largo Alinari at the station. All other times it departs from inside the SITA bus station.

You can get the Volainbus ticket for 4.50euro anywhere that sells bus tickets, such as the tabacconist shop, the bar inside the airport, the newspaper stands inside the train station or from the SITA bus station itself. For a little bit extra, you can also buy it onboard from the driver.

If your flight leaves earlier and you need to get there earlier than 6am, then get a cab. There's a fixed fare of 20 euro (you have to pay a little extra for supplements such as each piece of luggage or for the phone call etc).