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Meet Our Guides: Stefano

Everyone knows that the success of an organised excursion hinges on the personality of the one who is leading it. The Walkabout Florence tour leaders are exceptional in their knowledge, skill and entertainment value.

In this post we’d like to introduce you to Stefano.

If you are lucky enough to book a tour led by Stefano you will meet a quintessential Italian (the photo is a bit of a giveaway). Full of passion, enthusiasm and a love for all things Italian, Stefano is the perfect man to give you a taste of the local culture.

His thirst for history is infectious, and you can expect to be inspired by his historical insight. Stefano also loves rugby and running – and while it’s almost guaranteed you’re not going to experience either of these on one of our tours, he’ll be more than happy to tell you more over a coffee or during the bus ride.

A Treat for Wine Connoisseurs

Naturally Stefano is well educated after studying at the Universities of Florence and Granada, but it’s his sommelier qualification that will take you to new levels on a wine tasting session.

Why Stefano?

Stefano became a guide because he “loves to share his knowledge and to make people happy”. There are no credentials more important than these to ensure a successful experience, and we are confident that everyone who spends a day with Stefano will come away brimming with knowledge and feeling very happy.

In fact, he’s so good that we reckon you’ll want to marry him. But be warned – others have tried. Stefano says that his best moment on the job was the day when one of his clients proposed to him!

Book an excursion with Stefano and find out if he said yes.

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