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Meet Our Guides: Olivia

One of the most important aspects of an organised excursion is the passion and authenticity of the guide. At Walkabout Florence, we’re proud of our outstanding tour leaders, who bring not only their expertise and knowledge to the job, but also leave a lasting impression with their warmth and humour.

In this post we’d like to introduce you to Olivia.

Since her first solo travel experience at 17, Olivia has developed a lifelong passion for travel, a pursuit that makes her feel “alive, complete and happy”. Her natural curiosity and genuine enjoyment for researching and planning makes her job as a Walkabout Florence guide her absolute dream come true!

After attaining her Masters in Languages and working as a guide in her home country of Hungary, when Olivia arrived in her adopted city of Florence seven years ago it was amore at first sight.

Why Olivia?

She’s in her happy place meeting new people from all over the world every day, and clients on Olivia’s tours are struck by not just her deep knowledge of the country’s history, language and culture, but also her empathy – being a born traveller herself.

A self-professed ‘foodie’, Olivia believes that trying the local dishes and drinks of a region is a crucial part of the experience. When you spend a day on one of her tours, whether it’s touring a vineyard, discovering a secret historical site, or cooking up a storm in a Tuscan farmhouse, you can’t help but be drawn in by her infectious enthusiasm for all things Italy!

Friends for Life

Olivia loves seeing her clients on their trip of a lifetime and is delighted when they keep in touch on social media or come back on another tour. She’s even been involved in two proposals! Must be something in the air…

“I love life here and I’m forever grateful for being accepted and embraced by the city and its people.”

Get in touch with us and book a tour with Olivia and allow her to share the local secrets of her favourite part of the world with you.

We Are Walkabout Florence

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