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Meet Our Guides: Cris

At Walkabout Florence, our passion for Italy shines through in everything we do. This extends to our wonderful family of tour guides, who we think are the best of the best at their jobs – and their happy clients agree!

In this post we’d like to introduce Cris who, with his enduring passion for food, music and travel, has the perfect prerequisites to qualify him to share the real Italy with our guests.

Having achieved extensive culinary qualifications (he studied in both Florence and the USA), Cris’s love of food has been a lifelong passion. However, he tired of being cooped up in kitchens and offices, and a friend who’d been working as a guide for several years suggested that the job might be right up Cris’s street – so he decided to give it a go.

With his expansive knowledge of gastronomy, love of people and sense of fun, Cris and Walkabout Florence turned out to be the perfect fit! Cris loves nothing better than to introduce his clients to the authentic food of Italy and he’s got a knack of turning every meal into a genuine experience.

Cris genuinely loves to inspire his guests with his deep knowledge of the history, music and culture of Italy.

“I love the interaction with people, sharing the information that I’ve studied over the years and seeing their reaction at even the smallest things.”

With a love of the great outdoors, visiting new places and meeting new people, every day is different for Cris – and that’s just the way he likes it! He’s had his fair share of challenges, including a client breaking her ankle while on one of his tours. Naturally, though, his cool ‘kitchen’ head means he can cope with anything.

One of his most memorable experiences was when he helped a guest set up the perfect proposal to his girlfriend, while on a hike through a national park. While the task included hiking with a secret bottle of prosecco in his own backpack to keep the secret, and then having to disappear for the rest of the day at the top of a mountain while they celebrated, he says it was definitely worth it – and she said yes, of course!

Get in touch with us and book a tour with Cris and find out why he’s so popular with our foodie guests.

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