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10 best shops to blend in with the locals!

The Florentines may not be the most adventurous dressers, but they are certainly known for dressing up and not shying away from fashion. Both men and women put a lot of effort into and take pride in their appearance (an obsession that can be traced back to the Renaissance), where getting ready for a night out probably means a trip to the hairdresser, the sunbed and a flash of a designer logo.

1.L’occhialaio, for the best collection of sleek and sexy sunglasses or eyeglasses, the Italian fashion accessory that no Florentine would be caught dead without. Via dei Servi, 55r.
2.Calvani, for the next most important item in a Florentine’s outfit: shoes. If it’s for women, heels – the taller the better – are a must, for men think leather and don’t be afraid of the worn-in look. The selection at Calvani has the hottest looks around. Via degli Speziali 7r.
3.Piedi nudi nel parco, for the covetable collection of mens and womens fashion by many of Europe’s most avantgarde up and coming designers. Minimal, modern and monochrome (Florentines do love black).  Two boutiques: Borgo San Jacopo, 38r and Via Proconsolo, at the corner of Via Dante Alighieri.
4.Miss Trench, for the collection of flirty women’s fashion – playful accessories such as hats, purses, swimsuits, and light sexy scarves match the selection of printed dresses and fun tees. Via Porta Rossa, 16r.
5.Ceri Vintage, for an understated pair of worn-in vintage leather boots, a must for any Florentine no matter what season, vintage heels or one of Ceri’s screenprinted unisex tees, done by hand on a selection of unique vintage t-shirts. Via dei Serragli 26r.
6.Angela Caputi, for a showstopping pair of earrings or a chunky necklace in one of Caputi’s unique resin designs, characterised by big colours and bold organic and geometric shapes. Via Santo Spirito 58r.
7.Luisa Via Roma, for a designer label, which Florentines are proud of showing off. Go for locals such as Roberto Cavalli or Gucci to keep with the theme. Via Roma 19/21r
8.Temporary, for that perfect accessory, the handbag. Here, find a selection of leather bags and purses in neutral tones and modern styles, or for a more classic look in all colours with the right price try Roberta, across the bridge at Borgo San Jacopo 74/78. Temporary: Via della Vigna Nuova, 52r.
9.Pitti Vintage, for a designer bargain. If Luisa Via Roma is out of reach, this charming little vintage shop often has the solution, with local designer names such as Ferragamo and Gucci for a fraction of the cost. Sdrucciolo dei Pitti 19r.
10.Tie your Tie, for those who are serious about mens fashion. Designed as a one-stop-shop for men’s dressing literally from head to toe, jackets, suits, shirts, printed ties, shoes and all the accessories that go with it (even their own men’s fragrance) can be found in this boutique.